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Virgin Trains

The start of a life-long love

The year was 2008 and a plucky new designer embarked on a big challenge, take on the biggest brand in rail and solely shape its visual future, covering every aspect imaginable. That designer was me, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Bringing the 'Virgin' back to Virgin Trains

From 2008-2018 I rose from Virgin Trains sole designer to their Head of Design, during which time I oversaw almost all creative decisions. My passion was to reinstill a sense of 'Virgin-ness' back in the rail business, to inspire and excite along the way.

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A decade of design excellence

In my 10 years at Virgin Trains I learned a lot - and almost all of it entirely self taught. Rising through the self-created design ranks at Britain's biggest and brightest rail brand, reinventing their style, tone-of-voice and brand essence as I went, meant I lived and breathed everything Virgin Trains did.

When the West Coast business expanded to take in the East Coast business in 2015, I was the obvious choice to lead the team in creating a new chapter in Virgin's rail history. Working with the most respected designers, engineers and suppliers in the industry, my Virgin Trains experience helped shaped the talented, experienced designer I am today.

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