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Who is Sam Jessup Design? The clue's in the name...

Sam Jessup Design is, yes you guessed it... me.... Sam Jessup, award-winning designer and brand expert who's proudly here to add to life, soul and spirit into any and every transport brand. It's not just a job. It's a passion.

Working largely exclusively for transport companies, Sam Jessup Design has evolved out of my 10 years at the very top of design and brand in the rail industry as Head of Design for Virgin Trains.

Over that decade, I’d creatively led many projects, from small design elements, to major advertising campaigns, to large scale branding and fleet refreshes for Virgin itself, but also for many other clients including Network Rail, East Midlands Trains, East Coast, London Midland, First Great Western, Virgin Atlantic and more.

As I worked for Virgin, my love of all things transport brand and design grew, but at the same time, so did my passion for change. Virgin, as a brand, uses its strengths and personality to innovate, inspire and lead the markets it competes in. I’d seen it with trains and planes and so I thought, if Virgin can do it, why can’t every other transport provider enjoy the same game-changing, revenue-generating creativity and leadership?

Sam Jessup Design was born out my idea to do just that. Bring personality and promise, inspiration and innovation, daring and delight to transport brands all across the world. And not rest until the public gets to experience transport in a new, modern, unique style - distinct and different, driven by design but underpinned by passionate people and extraordinary customer service.

Using my extensive knowledge of transport plus my in depth understanding and experience of how major international brands work (and in turn how they can be better), I offer a standard of design, and style, like no other.

I also have extensive experience working for clients like Virgin and Abellio on bids and mobilisations for rail franchises - from bid docs, to logo/brand creation, to whole fleet/livery schemes, I've designed and managed it all.

I'd love to work with you on your next design project, use the form below to drop me a line, or call 07791 063180

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