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Class 91 livery adaptation

An east coast icon...

With the powerful and iconic Class 91 trains locomotives finishing their life on the East Coast Main Line, Europhoenix jumped at the chance to procure a pair and prepare them to haul heavy freight trains across the European continent - part of that was a relivery into Europhoenix colours and I was contracted through Stewart Signs to take on this challenge. a bold, dynamic Europhoenix style

The brand was already present in a defined livery style on Class 37 locomotives, and so I set about creating a specific livery adaption that would suit the Class 91. Adding lines, colours and shapes to complement the architecture, showing a family resemblance to the Class 37 and also a nod to the 91's British Rail past, produced a design that is one the fleet's finest.

Custom livery, sensational results

When I was first approached about this project, by Stewart Signs, all Europhoenix had asked for was a straight fit of the Class 37 livery onto the Class 91 - but to me, that was a completely wasted opportunity to do what I do best - create stunning design that truly works with the overall style and shape of the locomotive or unit. I proposed a livery adaptation which best suited the loco and, after some research and development, went on to create a livery that was loved by the industry, and enthusiasts, alike!

These locomotives, due to their power and strength, were destined for the European continent, working in pairs and hauling heavy freight, so as much as it was important to make the Europhoenix corporate looks stand out, I thought it appropriate to pay respects to their famous British Rail past. So, the design featured the silver headlight extension and driver's cab window lines of the classic Intercity livery, which continued to flow down the bodyside, and kept the famed yellow front layout as per the original BR design (for European service, a black front design was also completed, but never used).

Unfortunately, with the arrival of Covid-19 in 2020, the programme for these locos was cancelled and they were destined to sit in sidings, or latterly in a railway museum, with the livery eventually being replaced by classic-retro schemes for museum display - but their Sam Jessup Design style will always live on in memory, and has been regarded as one of the finest to grace to the Class 91's world-famous shape.

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